Established 2000, the ASC GROUP, a star-up of auto part, constantly grow over the years,because of an excellent management with deepexpertise of the automotive sector, great serviceand good product variety & availability, ASC Group is known as market leader in Vietnam for its 20 year history.

Today ASC Group has 300 employees. Its 25 daughter companies are present in the 15 main cities and provinces of Vietnam. The Group has relationshipin 17 countries worldwide and joined TEMOT International, an International Trading Group (ITG) is solely part of the independent aftermarket spare parts of 80 countries in 5 continent.

ASC Group is capable to provide an absolute automotive parts distribution system that distributing spare part for OE and OEM for most auto brand in the word (except China) and the premium quality supportive material such as bodywork, adhesive, lubricant for garages and its sub-dealer part shop.

The ASC Group is very well invested in the field of car repair and maintenance and providesservice centers with genuine standard capabilities in car repair facilities for any auto brand BMW, Audi, Cadillac, GM, Nissan, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Mercedes – Benz, Ford, Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Volvo….

ASC Group has non-stop journey, improvement is a unique and full solution provider as result of dealership for 3S Nissan, Hyundai, 4S Volkswagen and distributor of Bosch, ZF, ACDelco, Philips, and Koyo...

Additional, non-stop investment, ASC Group runs e-commerce platforms, training anda luxurious magazine as its sustainable development strategy.

Milestone 20 year marked out the “Safety- Share-Fairness” philosophy helps to retain ASC Group to start-up again inspired with full of trust like the first 20 year.


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