Right from its inception, ASC has identified technology as a prerequisite in its business operation. In the automotive, technology is always at the forefront, so to be accessible and successful, technology should play a crucial role in businesses.


ASC also participated very early in the field of technology and digitization, so in 2005, it launched a service management software (ASC workshop management) and an information site, and an e-commerce (Caronline & Autospa), then developed a new and used car dealership site (TIMXEOTO).

In the past, ASC’s products had some limitations due to objectivity and subjectivity but also left a clear imprint on their orientation in this field. And these experiences help the ASC confidently digitize its fields, blending into the flow of the digital economy of Vietnam and the world.

Digital Economy - The sharing economy is being realized by ASC through two websites including (specializing in selling spare parts, materials, additives) and (e-commerce website specializing in buying and selling cars, motorcycles, boats for new and used).

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