In modern business, the "ecosystem" model is the optimal structure that any business is aiming for. The ecosystem ensures the activities add added value, creating a closed service loop.

ASC started up from the auto parts and materials business then expanded into the field of repair services, car dealerships, and now E-commerce. This is a closed-loop service structure, maximizing customer services and providing optimal added value for customers.

In the automotive industry, the manufacturer (maker) ecosystem will go from manufacturing vehicles, parts, services, and other activities to facilitating interactions such as finance, media, and social participation. The ASC model with a “tripod” ecosystem structure in recent years has proven to be a highly interactive business structure, creating differentiated value-added chain effects. Over the past 20 years, from a small "spot", ASC has gradually transformed itself into a company providing a variety of solutions, services, and distribution around the automobile "spot".

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