Auto Repair Training and Career


It was too hard to learn the skills needed to conduct basic car repairs and maintenance. There is plenty of time, effort, health, and inspiration needs to acquire these job skills and experiences.

Nowadays, with the increasing complexities of automotive technology, auto repair technicians must possess strong analytical, computer, and mathematical skills, in addition to in-depth knowledge of basic car maintenance and repair. Whether you’re looking to expand upon your existing knowledge of a new auto model just the need but not enough. Joining repair or learn its fundamentals, non-stop researching up-to-update technology, neglected to oil dirty environment, receiving training in automotive repair can help you expand your knowledge and skills in this start-up repairing automobile fundamental.

Opportunity of careers in the automotive technician

Across the world, an auto is transportation means for human and impact to its development day by day. Cars seem to be daily used popularly. 

According to the Vietnamese Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA), the members of VAMA members reached 38 domestic and 18 foreign cars maker of all types. This corresponds to a production of 460.000 units/year. Furthermore, complying with the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) routine, the import duty for a car would be 0% percent over the same 2018. So, why should you learn to repair automobiles?

Whereis the good Auto Repair learning place?

An automobile has several thousand parts but there are different components of each type of automobile. There shouldn’t be a style of “Know one -Teach one” training in automotive repair that can help you deeply except a professional course where you will be trained in the right place with the right expert. That is if you want what you're looking for cusses in repairing automobile fundamental.

For now, many educational institutions commit to prepares you with the knowledge you need to get your startup a career doing what you learn. Where you'll have access to do what you learn from seeking this information in educational training recruitment bulletin.

Once you've completed your core mechanic school program, you may take on to train with the car-maker of your choice. Some of these schools partner with well-known manufacturers, to provide intensive training and certification specific to the manufacturer's service programs that help you to get recruited by their dealer. But the knowledge is limited within the brand and makes you strange or empty to another brand. Moreover, the car-maker just gives you the certificate for each type of training or model while the vocational schools, technical institutes, or community colleges completed by a degree or certificate programs in automotive technology equivalent.

Learners must find training electronically, high-end equipped, more computer to further develop their skills. Graduates of certificate programs are generally qualified for most entry-level auto repair workmanship.

At ASC Auto Service, thanks to 20-year experiences, you'll earn credit toward professional skills, gain industry-related experience with course in cooperation with Vocational academy and prepare yourself for an in-demand career that fits your passion and most serious attitude.

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