Ecommerce trends power online forward 4.0


A technological revolution is growing fast around the globe that affects every sector of the economy that is merging and digitalize day by day of Vietnam. Harvesting a nutrient land would bring not good result, “easier said than done”. There is no doubt that Industry 4.0 is having a cusses for any economy sector but it might not help enterprise to become dragon when entering such a technological revolution.

 Internet technology have been applied in ASC’s development plan for online sale, publishing magazine and software since 2005. But the last period characteristic of automotive spare and service just make such our digitalization concept as a contribution of experiences and rehearsal. 

For 2020, the change breakthrough has come for objective and subjective. Thank to our rich experiences, million USD value of ware house inventory, importing from countries, distributor hubs in all local key market region, dealership right of famous and higt quality spare part, accessory and lubricant brand that ASC’s initial to upgrade and develop an online channel,

At the same year 2020, ASC also launched another online platform for vehicle, bike and ship sale, This is a great challenge as the car sale platform have been developed prematurely for years. As well as, it is believed to make the boost thank to rich experiences in this segment.

The chance belong to who sharing in the economy. ASC set forth initiation of modern business concept and industrial orientation online forward 4.0 of the country.



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